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The Journals, a Message From the Council of Ancients is a book that provokes thought on contemperary issues of human action (or inaction).  Please buy the book, read it, and think.

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The Second ammendment

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A Thought

   A thought is a wonderful thing. Thought can cut through the denial and hypocrisy and show you the truth. Thought can take you places. It can free your mind and body of various ailments and injustices with the actions it dictates, and lead you to a new life.  Thought is a simple procedure, but dangerous.

Dangerous, you ask...........
How can thought be dangerous??

    The answer is not so obvious if you don't think about it. All your life, particularly in the last few decades, you have been told what to think. Told by your school, your church, your government. The biggest culprits are the large PR firms that work behind the scenes. Not only do they tell you what to think, what to buy, how to be in, and what is acceptable in looks and in behavior, they do their best to see that you do not have the time to truly search for alternatives by keeping you so busy working, praying, buying, and thinking their thoughts.

    Your mind is a battlefield. On one side is what you truly think to be RIGHT. On the other is what somebody else wants you to think.

    This page is a place of contemplation. These are my thoughts, or thoughts that have been expressed to me that have made me think. Take a moment to browse about, and truly think about what you read. There is no time limit. If you wish to answer, please do so using the guest book.


A Rant

  My current rant is on the potential attack on civil liberties by the Y2K crisis.

    Why is it that no one wants to do for themselves?   Why is it that we want so much of our lives controlled by the government?

    The potential for disaster at the turn of the century is, quite frankly, scary.  The government states that we should have several days of food and water stocked in case of distribution failure.  Question, if it can't be fixed by then, what makes you think they will be able to fix it several days after?  How are they going to fix imbedded processors on satellites?

    What are you going to do?  Your government, supported by the Federal Emergency Powers Act, will most likely declare martial law and suspend your rights.  They may force you to move, leaving behind that which is yours.   They may, as they have done, declare martial law before the end of the year, before there is a problem.

    You have been begging for this.  You have asked them to provide for you, and forgotten how to provide for yourselves.  You have placed them in control of all that you need to live.  Your food production and distribution, your water distribution and cleanliness.  You probably could not fend for yourselves.

    Along with martial law could come the suspension of elections.  Bill Clinton could be president for as long as he wants.  You know he will fight tooth and nail to hold onto power, as he has done in the past.   You and your elected officials are POWERLESS against FEMA.

    The "feel good" tactic that they pulled on 9/9/99 saying that it was a Y2K hurdle was nothing but propaganda.  For those of you who have been paying the least bit of attention, the computer reads this date as 0909.  For those of you who have not, it was merely a way of telling you not to believe the people who are bringing you the truth.

    Take a good look around, think about it.  Is your government. who serves you, doing all that they can to serve you?
    Is your government, who is sworn to uphold the constitution, and your rights and freedoms, pulling you more and more to total submission?

    Please Think about it.



Last Updated 10/17/99
Copyright 1999 Joe Mastromauro
All rights reserved

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