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   Welcome to my site.  I hope you will find it educational and useful.

    First, let me start by stating that I am a strong believer in the Earth Mother.  We are born of Her.  Everything we NEED to live we get from Her.  When we die, we are supposed to return to Her.  It is a ever renewing cycle.

    Second, I believe the further we estrange ourselves from Her, the more perverted of a species we become.  The more damage we do Her, the more damage we do ourselves.  We destroy the water, yet we, as humans, are mostly made of water.  If the water on the Earth is polluted, what about the water in our bodies?  We poison the land, yet we eat from it.  We can spend a whole day and never come in contact with the earth.  We are warping our minds and our bodies.  

    We like to think we are above Her other children, that we were born to dominate them.  That we are the rulers because we have the higher brain.  Did you ever wonder if Mother Earth gave us a higher brain that we might care for Her other children?  That maybe she gave us this gift to KNOW right from wrong, to think in terms of time and space, that we might care for them?

    Did Mother Earth give us eyes and ears so that we may see and hear for her?

    Man perverts everything he can.  He seeks to dominate all.  But he cannot dominate Her.  We are but an infestation that will be shaken off at Her whim.  We are an ever expanding virus upon the earth.  We move and destroy vast areas of land and water.  We destroy the sky.  We destroy our companions.

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    I have received mail attacking my position and my beliefs.  I must say that my beliefs are as real, if not more so, then those of "established religions".  I live my beliefs, and gain the benefits of those as well as the consequences of straying from them.  I do not believe if I act badly throughout life, I can have a mystical figure forgive me my transgressions and permit me entrance to a better place.  That is too easy for everyone, hence the popularity, and the perversion of society.

    I believe The Creator made the Universe in Its entirety.  He gave sentience to planets throughout the Universe, some we do not entirely see, others we shall see, and others we shall never see.  One of those planets was Mother Earth.

    Mother Earth gave us life, and as we evolved, a Conscious.  She gave all her children a social structure which was beneficial to them.  She gave to humans tribalism.

    Tribalism worked for many reasons.  It was a base form of the social contract.  People were allowed most freedoms, with little tyranny.  We formed groups capable of supporting many people.  We limited the lives of few.  The councils would advise, but not rule entirely.  The young were taught by the village, and left to find their own path.  The old and infirm were supported and still respected and kept in respect.  We did not allow anti-social behavior, and limited the reproductive rights of those who did.

    But greed took hold in other parts.  A social-economic regime reduced life to a caste society, where the few controlled the wealth, and the lives of the many.  The greed was an insatiable monster, and wars were fought for material things.  This spread across the globe in the form of Jeudo-Christianity.

    I believe the day of sorrow fast approaches.   Pestilence rides.  War is feeding.  Death is everywhere. 

    I believe in Karma, and of Karma, we make our own.   I believe that what goes around, comes around.

    This I know.  Mother Earth does not belong to us, we belong to her.  We did not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it.  What we do to the web we do to ourselves.



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Native American Spiritualism

    Of all the "occult" or "pagan" beliefs, this is the one I identify with the most.  It is a "religion" of peace and harmony with the earth.

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