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89 Yahweh did visit His messenger, this time in the eighth year of her captivity. And He instructed her to address the captors who present themselves as her guardians. For she knew them not through their
devious, practiced sincerity. The Lord of Man encouraged her to rise up against their false promises and break their vigil by addressing the faithful in a dress of fine, white lace and a crown of yellow flowers.

90 And she was a happy child, maturing as a blossom in the springtime of her youth. Her womanhood was undeniable and her sensuality was of concern to her keepers, for in her eyes was the spirited wildness of the world.

91 A passion of freedom grew within Yahweh’s developing flower. And He was pleased at her nature. And He did caress her with the nectar from the moons of Shanidar and within her was the warmth of all light. It did shine in her smile and in her heart.

92 Allison is of wonderment and magic, an innocence lost several lifetimes ago. Her divinity harkens to a graceful, mystical age of windswept fields of nettle, of sweet air filled with cedar and honeysuckle, of days and nights filled with delicious, honest laughter.

93 Allison is these things. And she must lose them, if but for a time, for she is innocence come to reclaim her throne in a world thousands of false kingdoms poor. To find the gift given to such a child she must endure that which she must save.

94 And sweet Allison, the dormant seed of winter, breaks its covering with the first sun of spring. In this cycle of life, must Allison grow toward the warmth and light of the sun.

95 And like the vine of the rose growing strong against the fenceline, so must Allison reach beyond her support to fertile fields and evergreen forests and gardens of flowers fresh from the Earth. Her seed and her message shall be carried by a snow-white pigeon, and in her wings will soar the hope all search for. In her song is the harmony so few will hear.

96 And the pigeon shall carry her thoughts beyond the gates of her sentries, high above the cold stone walls of her captivity, and the wind will lift her away from her shackled existence toward those awaiting her arrival.

97 And Allison did understand this message, and she awoke in the night to talk with the Master directly. Her guardians were witness to this vision of her oneness, and they were afraid. For this is what He said:

98 “And in the same hour as did the first two thieves build their kingdoms, so did the third. Only he was the most powerful of the three, for he was the seller of faith. He alone professed to be the ears and mouth of God.

99 “And the people, afraid of their own hearts, and lazy in belief, found deep comfort in the prince named Religion. For he blessed their worries with incantations, he dispelled their fears with rituals, and he sold salvation for silver and gold.

100 “Upon the face of time were eight-and-thirty thousand years. And upon the fifteen hundredth generation, there came a Son, a man of My soul who walked in peace with His mother. His name was Yeshua, and He was my true Son. And you did make Him suffer. And My wife, the Earth, did cry upon His passing, for He was one with her spirit.

101 “After the death of Yeshua, a great deception began. It grew as a tumor in My wife and it was labeled truth. But it was falsehood bred from power. Evil crossed with greed. It was truth distorted by ambition, and it was man altering My Word. It was Religion claiming glory for himself.

102 “And high from the pulpit did common men profess to be My voice.  And in their words echoed false meaning across the lands. For My word isn’t to be heard. It is to be known.

103 “The priests from on high did profess to know My wisdom, but I say this was to gain favor from your hearts. And as the masses sat in awe of their self-proclaimed men of God, they became humbled. But the humility felt was one of capitulation to an unknown master.

104 “The Master of All requires no temple, no church, no payment for redemption. There are no doors in the Master’s Chamber, only spirit, and light, and energy, and love. And as energy I have no form except that which is needed to provide miracles through the silent, chosen few.

105 “Religion surrounded himself with great cathedrals made of glass, stained to keep out the light. And this glass bore multi-colored symbols of faith rewritten. Prophets and saints and beliefs custom-built to please those with doubt.

106 “And Religion grew unchallenged, for to question the Church was to dispute the word of God, and to dispute the word of God was to admit sin, and to admit sin was to be condemned and shunned by all those who followed Religion.

107 “Religion sired many children and they did carry his message throughout known civilization. And he too grew wealthy and fat from his tariff. His children echoed his calling. And Religion was the shadowed voice of righteousness.

108 “Those who had been afflicted by existence in the physical sphere found comfort in the repetitive chants of healing. But words repeated by rote will not an illness flee. But miracles did occur, for it is My wish to aid those truly deserving.

109 “And Religion grasped at the chance to capture a soul and stood tall, proclaiming his due. The people came to listen to the stories of  his great works, and he did honor My name to them. But in his haste tobond with Me, he has forgotten the nature of My spirit.

110 “For no deed need be announced as a victory for ego and praise. For I desire no adulation unless it is that which is quiet acknowledgment of Our oneness. And in this I am content.

111 “Yet the message of Religion, by its addictive nature, requires praise and affirmation. And it seduces many with an addiction as potent as the smoke of opium drifting in a darkened den. And you must have more. And you question not its affect. And you pay the price both in money and in soul.

112 “In great cathedrals they did sit, these men of invented God. And in their pious dishonor they did purposely rewrite history. For it was soon after Commerce and Education formed their union that Religion sent his messengers to his two brothers. They did conspire, the three, to bring the full height of their power to form an unholy alliance, and its design was to keep the children of the planet in captivity until everlasting eternity ends.

113 “The three thieves snickered privately at their followers, as sheep led by the wolf. Their disdain made them bold, and soon nothing true was given to mankind except that which was designed to provide proof of the virtue of the three princes.

114 “And the secret pact between the three prince thieves was held close by their confidants, as the riches accumulated in mountains of possessions stolen from the Earth and her true children. And still the people honored them.

115 “But the secret of the three thieves is revealed for all to witness. For it is sickness in its form to My spirit, My wife and My Son. And the conspiracy has endured and evolved for thousands of years.

116 “The three princes set aside two days for joy in the world: one day to mark the birth of Yeshua, the other to mark His death and the joy of these blessed days was mixed with the giving of gifts to commemorate His coming. And Commerce did smile.

117 “And the books of His coming, acclaimed by a great star, were changed to reflect a day more suitable to other beliefs. And Education did smile.

118 “And the people were chided into attending services for His memory on at least two days per year. And on these days the offerings did grow. And Religion did smile.

119 “The truth of Yeshua is thus: upon the birth of My Son, Yeshua, I sent a sign to three astronomers practiced in the ancient art of Zoroastrian astrology. This sign was the alignment of three planets; Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars and it appeared as if a great star shone bright in the sky.

120 “And the three astronomers brought simple gifts to mark the coming of My Son, and their homage to Him paid tribute to the baby King in the manner it was due. Nothing more, nothing less. The three men followed the star to Palestine, where a great ship delivered My Son to Earth and it is this great ship, hovering in the air, that brought Yeshua to His home.

121 “I say unto you: You are but one small colony of My children on one minor planet. Commerce and Education and Religion must deny your celestial bond, lest they lose their power. But you are of the Universe and so shall you return. And the ships shall visit you with increased frequency.

122 “And you mark His coming in many ways. Your voices call to the angels that they might rejoice and herald His arrival. They cannot hear you. And you decorate your homes with lights and fixtures upon the grass. And it is joyous, yet misguided thought.

123 “And Yeshua, whose name the three princes changed to Jesus, does not seek adornment of homes as proof of your faith. Neither lights in winter, nor eggs in spring. His being cries for conscience to transfer the money spent on these ornate distractions to those without the mildest of comfort. He begs for your compassion to reject the hedonistic traditions and share with the unfortunate those things most precious: food, clothing, shelter.

124 “And the evergreen, murdered innocent, causes His eyes to burn cold. He turns away in sadness from the shine of hollow bulbs hanging dishonorably on dying branches in His false name, for My Son would not kill a tree to hang ornaments in honor of another man. Nor would He follow rituals to distract Him from reaching into His own soul for the truth of His spirit. The man of Yeshua is not to be idolized. The man of Yeshua is you. He is spirit in us all.

125 “In His soul, He recognizes the divine naiveté of your measures.  Thus, you should adorn your trees so they may be returned to the forest alive and in the celebration of His death and rebirth, confirm His time by replanting that which gives you breath. Refuse that which has met the woodsman’s saw, and accept that which has met the conservationist’s shovel. This quiet act will lead you closer to His light.

126 “You must live each day in the light. And I say unto you, My Son Yeshua was not without flaw, though His halo still shines amongst the heavens. The truth of His life is such that all humans may aspire. Yeshua was man of My spirit come to Earth to learn your ways, and He did live in this manner: Though He was King among kings, He was humbled in the presence of woman. For He knew her silence was strength, He knew her patience was kindness, He knew her tolerance was understanding, He knew her compassion was love.

127 “He did lay down with the whores of Jerusalem, for His life was filled with many wonders of the flesh. Only your leaders deny Him His carnal time. He treasured the gentleness of feminine thought, for He knew, above all, woman would hold the fragile house together. Therefore, I say unto you, honor woman in highest testimony.

128 “He did consort with the destitute in the forsaken alleys of Judea, for He held Himself no higher than the weakest vagrant. And should you see a beggar freezing hungry on the street, clothe him with your coat, feed him with your foods. Should you see a spirit wanting, lift him up with love. For that soul is Yeshua.

129 “As your eyes trace these words, holy in their context, you will deny them. For you have been deceived for generations by the three thieves into believing the greatest of lies, and the truth is a bitter
herb when first tasted. And so you say these words are blasphemous, but dear soul, look deeper and you shall see.

130 “I say unto you, run from your temples and follow not false idols, for Yeshua has been transformed into a symbol of what may never be. For no man, neither god, nor Son of Man, can live by the standards that Religion has set forth. And in the attempt at making man a god, you have
reduced the membership unto My heaven. By the selection performed on Earth, you have denied Me My right. The judgment of souls is to be left to the ether.

131 “Faith cannot be written down. Belief cannot be taught. Feelings of belief may be cataloged; verily, true faith must be lived. Inspiration will be generous, but true faith, true belief, truth itself is not found in the pages of books. Books are another soul’s belief, another spirit’s inspiration. The test of life cannot be taken by another.

132 “Therefore I say unto you, beware. For your churches and temples deceive you. They have altered My Word for the sake of gold. They offer My spirit at the exchange of profit. They provide stained-glass symbols to cleanse your guilt for the sins of the day. And the currency bartered for guiltless sleep will not be sufficient equity as you stand before Me.

133 “Those who would alter My Word in concept and Bible have sinned against Me. The scribes of the centuries have betrayed Me. Murder has been committed in My name in crusades and inquisitions and wars. Therefore, you have sinned against Me. Riches have been stolen in My name and housed in great cathedrals. Therefore, you have sinned against Me. The screams of My children in starvation and disease have been ignored. Therefore, you have sinned against Me.

134 “When your leaders claim they represent Me, they lie and in their deception, they condemn themselves to everlasting fire. And the everlasting fire will be their torment for their sanctimonious sayings. And you for having not listened to My true Word, for having traded action for comfort, will burn with them.

135 “I have given you prophecies and they have been denied. I have shown you signs and they have been ignored. I have given you purpose and you have been distracted. I have given you reason and you have corrupted thought. I have given you My wife and you have disfigured her. These are the crimes against My Word and you will judge yourselves guilty.

136 “I alone will cry a rain of two-and-two thousand Noahs to wash the filth from Earth’s defiled body, and she will be cleansed, her beauty restored to sweetness; a virgin made clean by the hand of the Master.  But you will see it not, for once the poison is driven from her it will not be invited back in.

137 “I say unto you, your churches will be burned unto smoke and ash, your great cities reduced to piles of shattered glass and broken stone.  Your houses will be returned to the forest, and you will be forced to forage among the leafless trees with all the lesser beasts. For you have denied the cycle of your origin. You have denied life hereafter and hereafter and hereafter. And in the refusal, you have forfeited your own reincarnation.

138 “And all people—in all lands, of all religions—are deemed guilty.   For I have sent many Sons to many kingdoms. And these names are known and worshipped and denied. Each kingdom repelling My other Sons. And you know their names; Mohammed, Buddha, Zoroaster, Gibran, and thousands and
thousands of My spirit. But you will not receive them.

139 “In the blindness of your hearts, you have built division and hatred among one people and in the holiest of your cities, in the center of all Religion, symbol to your faith, you stone and torture and kill
your fellow beings. If Jerusalem had eyes she would cry until death.

140 “The End Time will be swift and no one will be safe except those who live the words I speak. Therefore, I say unto you, these things must be done: Keep simple reverence between your belief and your neighbors, for their path is not your path and you cannot be made holy by preaching My Word. This deed can only offer temporary ego for your own ends. And I say let it be. Belief is in the heart. The spirit knows its way to My soul

141 “Search not the moon, sun, and stars for your relief. It is not outward that one’s focus must gaze. Inward toward the heart, deeper into the soul is found the truer meaning. Many are the eyes that are open, few are the eyes that can see.

142 “I say these words through My daughter Allison, and you know them to be true. I am not of race. I am not of gender. I am not of country. I am not of religion. I am not to be worshipped, I am to be felt. I am not to be personified, I am to be lived. I am spirit and energy and light and love. I am All.

143 “In your classification, you scorn Me. Seek to accept without assumption. For the seed of forgiveness has been placed upon a fertile land. Nourish it well, humankind, for should this seed wither on your soil, then with it will die your race. And this I say unto you without revocation.

144 “This is the Book of Agnostics.
And this is the Book of Allison.
And this is the Book of Light.
And this is the Book of Truth.
And each should write one’s own chapter.”

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