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1 A great voice visited a sleeping child, an Earthbound angel in quiet slumber. Of purity and faith were her sweetest dreams and Yahweh did commune with her in her repose. And her name was Allison and she was holy.

2 And Yahweh came to her in her bed and He did whisper this to her soul: “From the heavens I have come to deliver you. From the ether I shall speak. I shall call to you and all humankind that you may hear My Word.

3 “And to Allison I shall prepare the message of My spirit. For I have come to condemn all that has risen before. And this child of My soul shall be the Savior to anyone seeking salvation. She is the seed of her mother, born of the fruit of Paradise.”

4 And Yahweh wrote these words to men of all races: “You have raped the great mother of her purity, and you have stolen her beauty, you have deceived her trust, and you have blasphemed her honor, you have sold her virtue, and you have claimed her glory, you have crowned your kings to
make her your slave. And in doing so you have subjugated My wife.

5 “And now I offer My daughter to you and say that she will not be defeated, for she is the seed of My seed come to offer forgiveness.  Accept her kindness that you may be spared the fire of My wrath. For her mother lay dying and it is you who are the criminal. You who read this
text as if a story. You who would be blameless in the comfort of your home as the beggar cries for the simplest consideration.

6 “And My wife was known as Paradise. And some may call her Earth. In her silent illness she has kept your hatred well. She will not willingly divulge to Me the poisonous deeds performed upon her, for she cannot speak. She cannot hear. She cannot see.

7 “I alone am her vigil. I alone am her lover. I alone shall keep her well, safe from the atrocities of the race of humans, and I alone will have to slay all my sons and daughters who would seek to destroy My love. I alone will cry a rain of two and two thousand Noahs, but she, and the chosen, will live to begin anew.

8 “And I shall relate the story of My lover to you through My daughter, for she is the quiet kindness that may heal the Earth and temper My wrath. Listen well that you may save what all have attempted to

9 And Allison did stir in her slumber as the vision traced through her mind, and to her this truth was revealed: There stood a maiden on a distant shoreline of white-sanded beach and blue crystal water. Her world was of nothing man could conceive, for her beauty was the beauty of all that was known.

10 And she was a girl fresh of virtue, her hair the scent of pine dipped in heaven’s dew, her smile the dawn of each day, her eyes the sunset in the evening. And she was beauty beyond description.

11 But the maiden of all that would be was unable to speak. The mother of all life’s beings was unable to hear. The wife of the Most Holy was unable to see, and in the absence of these senses she had the gift of thought. For she could speak without words, hear without sound, see without sight. She was My equal, captive in the physical realm.

12 She had chosen her bondage out of love for her children. Her world is the womb of all people. And her love for Our progeny was endless. She welcomed all manner of beasts unto her house, and she honored all before her.

13 And the maiden beckoned from the shoreline for all who would taste Paradise to come. And her home became full of her children and their children and their children; and so it went.

14 And she was happy, content in the knowledge that she had begun the litter. And she was caring and compassionate in the splendor of her mountains and the rushing of her streams, and the generations mounted and still she nourished them. It was fourteen upon fourteen upon fourteen generations that she did suckle.

15 And she walked proud amongst her children, for her fruit was sweet to her sons and daughters, and life was plentiful. She was gracious, and the maiden became laden with child once more. Her pregnancy was lengthy and strained as she nurtured her unborn. Her labor was arduous, and she
bore three upon the dawn at once.

16 And three sons did appear: princes all, brought forth to help their mother govern her dominion. And they did drink directly from her breast, and she did nourish them and teach them her secrets. They grew mighty and strong. In their youth, they performed great deeds. Innocence begat their fortune, and they lived well in their mother’s house.

17 And the people of the world honored them, for their traits were prosperity, wisdom, and faith. And they were called Commerce, Education, and Religion and the three did grow in stature. And many followed the princes, each possessing his own secret majesty.

18 And the Earth did transfer her thoughts into the princes’ ears, and the three boys matured into young men, their strength growing as each developed a following of souls. This was the beginning of Earth’s torment, for her gift of life was soon forgotten by the three.

19 Each coveted her honor and power, so their innocence became corrupted as they vied for her attention and authority. But they did not want her favor to keep her traditions. Each in his own way desired to capture her virtue to create his own kingdom.

20 And so the three brothers dispersed to the far reaches of her realm, and they did tempt children of all sort to follow their message. And Earth was heartbroken, for she had been forsaken by the sons sent to rule with her.

21 And she withdrew her secrets from their minds. They were left each to devise their own truths, and these truths were designed to deceive, created to gain power, made real in order to extract allegiance.

22 And she wrote this message to all souls young and old. “Beware of the three sons, beware of the three princes, for they are no longer of my spirit. They have stolen my heart for evil gains. Beware, children of the world, of the three thieves.”

23 But the children of the world heeded her not, for they had become entranced by the handsome and powerful princes. Her words were lost to the wind. Her wisdom mute within her soul. But she had hidden from all a place of magic and riches. She left humankind with its civilization to deceive itself as she retreated to a pure and virgin shore.

24 So Commerce, Education, and Religion founded their own kingdoms. Each built splendid structures to seduce their believers. And they did grow. The masses did follow and the three did elevate themselves to position of king.

25 And the Earth became lonely, but she could not abide their betrayal.  She alone could rule her domain, and she alone held the true force of nature. As the years passed, she released her fury upon the children who had abused her sanctity. Great tempests of swirling winds and rain were
unleashed, massive quakes upon the land reduced man’s buildings to rubble, fires of such heat, stone was turned to liquid.

26 She revealed not her purpose to any man. Her power so great she kept it humbly within her, for she could not bear to mistreat those undeserving of punishment, the innocent ones.

27 And the false kings, in fear, did inwardly tremble at her force, for they knew they could never conquer her. Thieves as kings seldom reveal the truth, lest they be seen in truth. As such they professed to work the will of the Earth Mother and the lies continued upon the land.

28 And Earth decided to provide but one more chance for the salvation of her body, mind, and soul. And she motioned across her great oceans for the three false kings to come. She invited the thieves and their followers to her new home in hope of taming their greed. She summoned the physicians, the poets, the laborers, the sailors, the farmers, and soldiers, and she beckoned with her radiance for all to meet her.

29 And they came to her home, and they were happy. And Paradise was found, if but for a moment. For soon it was discovered by the evil hearts of men that she was mute, blind, and deaf. And so Commerce stood first and spoke for her, and this is what he said: “We have been ordained by the great mother to offer you her beauty for a price. Come to Paradise and you will know riches beyond belief.”

30 And she said nothing as she watched her body sold for the very ores which she had offered willingly. Soon the wicked traders of Commerce understood their power, for she would not defend against her children. She would not believe they would kill their mother.

31 And the evil of man professed, in pious dishonor, to be her ears and thereby know her thoughts. And they dressed her in costume and walked her in parades and taught their children to honor virtue cloaked in symbols.

32 And they propped her up to the masses and made her name a cause. And they shrouded her beauty with a flag and supplanted her voice with music as the masses fell in love with her. So pure, so wise, so beautiful.

33 And the men of power named her and she was prostituted to all people. And they called the maiden, America, and the people were made proud. Her name had been sacrificed along with the reason of all man’s purpose. Soon, nature had been replaced by metaphor. Metaphor replaced
by simile. Simile replaced by comfort.

34 So the men of power prospered, and America was taught in the schools. America sat in judgment of her people and she became known as Liberty, and Liberty became known as Justice. And the men of power became her eyes, for America or Liberty or Justice was blind.

35 She became a hostage, held captive by the wicked trappings of frail vice. Imprisoned in her own land. Set to chain by gold-dusted indifference. And the people of America, and the people of the world, not knowing of the deception, looked to her for guidance.

36 Her sinful possessors spun a spell of dark magic, woven in deception and bound by great armies to intimidate the masses. And she was no longer needed, only her promise need be viewed. And she was discarded in favor of an actress, a woman of seductive morals and rehearsed inspiration.

37 And the people of the world knew not of these misdeeds, but neither were they looking, for they were fed and clothed and sheltered with contentment. But . . . they will need to pay the ransom.

38 And the price of her freedom is truth, and the truth can be known only by those who seek it. Those who are searching are chosen, and those claiming to have found the truth are damned, for there is no answer but the answer within. The answers change as the seasons.

39 And Commerce has become mighty. But he rules only the physical plane. Pleasure and pain are friend to him, but he does not understand their true value. His hand grips tightly his gold-lined purse, but his precious metals are mere dust within the Universe. The jewels bespeckled upon woman’s gracious neck are but collars binding her to sorrow. The paper you print to purchase happiness is but temporary worth in a fool’s hands.

40 Man lures you with the glitter of its promise. He seduces you with bright-colored spangles and tongue-twisted jingles. But shadowed eyes and painted lips above well-fashioned garments will not contentment bring. For by this standard must you always search for brighter shades and deeper shadows. And into darkness you will fall like a fly into honey, sweet if for a moment, you taste it well, while its sticky trap ensnares you forever.

41 And the silver-voiced call of Commerce shall distract you. His merchants are clever and the flesh is weak. They hawk their wares in shameless variety in a manner designed to fool the helpless. And so I
say unto you . . . beware.

42 Many are those who would separate you from coin so they may be joined with it. Many are those who have been blinded by greed and have lost sight of their true wealth. And the vision of the Universe will be kept from them forever. These simple things must you follow that all may be revealed unto your gentle spirit.

43 Hold all moments precious that you may help those without, that you may offer shelter to the homeless, that you may offer food to the hungry, that you may provide hope to the desperate and solace to the lonely. Trade your distraction for participation and your comfort for commitment, and you shall prosper.

44 Keep an honest eye toward your fellow spirit and you shall see beyond the starlight of the Cosmos. Spend not your time in idle pursuits of wanton spectacle. Reach an empty hand of friendship toward a broken soul and it shall be filled with riches more splendid than the vaults of the Pharaohs. Follow your heart to its inner sanctum and you shall discover pleasure resplendent in the falling of a leaf, in the drying of a tear, in the laughter of a child.

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