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45 And in His second visitation the Great One did descend to speak through His daughter. He did reassure His Earthly saint of her place amongst the people and He did whisper unto her soul and she was relieved of all doubt.

46 And Yahweh kissed His daughter with the grace of His compassion, and she did slightly turn in unconscious acknowledgment. And Yahweh smiled upon His daughter, sweetness and beauty sent to help her dying mother.  The fire of the sun He did sprinkle in her hair, and the green of the
forest did sparkle in her eyes.

47 The Celestials called her Annis the Forgiver, but by her Earth name she was known as Allison. And Allison was purity. And Allison was innocence come unto a world made corrupt by itself, and Yahweh was saddened, for He alone knew that the corruption was His. He had made it so. He cried a slow tear upon His daughter’s silken cheek for He knew she alone would hear the call of the fallen.

48 It must be so, dear Allison, that you render sanity back to the children of Man. It must be so, dear Allison, that you, too, must suffer as did My Son, that you may destroy the evil I thought so many
millenniums past.

49 For My thinking of the evil has created the darkness, and its empty vastness is the crux of My essence. It must be so, that I share the burden for all suffering along with My children. Therefore, I must end the misery of My children and heal My wife with My hands.

50 Verily, it is My light that shall conquer the dark and cease the torment. And My light shall flash brighter than a hundred-million-billion suns unto the ether. No world shall stand, lest that which has heeded My Word. And in the ashes by the dawning lies My sorrow on the ground.

51 My flame shall burn those who have not used their ears. And My flame shall warm those who have listened with their heart. And My flame shall be the light that dispels the darkness forever.

52 These words I whisper unto My Allison that she may prepare the world for the inevitable. So said, I may cry, for it is known that few will heed the call of the fallen. And many will be trampled again as the
doors of My kingdom are opened. For in the rush to the Master’s chamber many have forsaken their souls on the dusty road of sin.

53 And sin is of definition, variable to all spirit. It is transient and helpless in its morals. And I will not judge thee, for you have mistakenly taken such tasks upon yourselves. And in doing so, you will
convict all whom you deem unfit. But the mirror of the righteous is reflected in pious hypocrisy.

54 I say, learn well from your actions. Learn well from your friends.  Seek to recover the innocence lost at birth and shed the garment of blame cast out by your institutions. And, should you examine your wisdom, you shall discover that the answers to your questions are not found in school.

55 Thus said, the tale be started that I now reveal the life of the second thief: And in parallel time to Commerce, did Education stand and say, “Follow me, for I am wisdom, therefore I am truth. And in my books which have been scribed with countless precision you shall find all you need to know.”

56 The people did heed Education and he grew more powerful with each transition of the sun and the people of knowledge became respected. And the sons and daughters of Education were nominated for high positions.

57 And Education needed structure to rule his kingdom so he formed the studies and these came to be; mathematics, language, history, art, law, and the sciences, and within each study came more division and still more, until the finest details became burdensome upon themselves.

58 And Education, in desire for homage, designed to charge for his knowledge. And still the people came. And his consorts presented their product as exclusive, as if wisdom had become their domain. And the people paid tribute to his wisdom by allowing him to tell them what to think.

59 Education, so clever in his wit, became aware of his increasing strength, even as his bulging mass rendered him immovable. And so he sent his agents to build great institutions across the land, and their
presence superseded true thought. Questioning became intolerable and intolerance became acceptance. Acceptance became the standard and all standards were approved by the great council of Education.

60 And the people so far removed from thinking could not remember their right. The elite of Education’s council, having grown old with their ways and means, could not hear the questions. But the questions were not valid, for they had become products of a world of generations’ passive

61 And the lost questions deserved no answer, for they had abandoned the souls come to profit. Soon, the agents of the Council realized they had created a world without minds and the poets and musicians and artists did cry out in agony at their defeat.

62 Their hollow words echoed through the empty halls of the universities. Dusty self-portraits hung brittle, cracking in forgotten hallways. And the faded, dried paint upon the easel is but one symptom
of a prince turned trader.

63 And Education, in disfavor with the masses, called upon his brother Commerce for advice. In the solitude of the midnight hour, with no man as witness, they struck a bargain and the two princes laughed to themselves at their clever deal.

64 Education did begin to train soldiers for the armies of Commerce.  And train them well, he did. So the standard changed anew as knowledge was replaced by skill. The trade that the people learned prepared them better to slip the coin into the greedy palm of the two thieves.

65 The universities were vibrant once more, alive with the thoughts of men learning rules. And wisdom for all was caged and forgotten. No one noticed, except the poets and musicians and painters, but they had no voice any longer. They had been sold like the rest. Commerce and Education had teamed to make the world in its own image.

66 Education threw a great feast for the people of the world and they were wild with hunger as they gorged on simple thoughts and common themes. The spirit within humans kept silent, for its time to do battle had not yet come.

67 Still, a chosen few spoke out and Education could not tolerate the indiscretion. And the students rallied behind their prince, crying in unison against those who dared to question. And books were burned and people were martyred and truth was hidden once more.

68 But wisdom cannot be subdued by those whose design it is to package it for profit. Wisdom is found in every heart, in every mind, in every soul. Education knows this truth if he knows truth at all, and with this thought he knows his defeat is but time waiting to come.

69 He will fight for his palaces of learning with trickery and deceit and diversion. His lifeblood is born of criticism and measurement and these shall cost him his throne.

70 For criticism is solely owned by the hypocrite. And the hypocrite shall perish as a rotten fruit left on an autumn tree. And all measurement requires judgment and this right belongs to no man, nor
prince, nor thief of thoughts.

71 When the truth stands tall, backed by wisdom and unity, there will be no institution, ideal, nor self-proclaimed royalty to withstand its mighty presence. And the children of Man will be freed from the bondage of mental insignificance.

72 And in this, freedom shall rise, the greatest challenge to established form seen upon the Earth. And the great battle will begin with power fighting weakness, but those in power are weak and those
without are strong. And the balance will be turned and the tide shall recede as honesty regains its glory.

73 Those denied the right to think will slay the obese prince and cut him into morsels to feed the undernourished planet. And the starvation of the mind shall end with the demise of the false idol.

74 For the prince of thought, once proud and righteous, will himself be paraded as a jester in the court of the world, and wisdom will reign supreme among the united peoples. For language and barriers will be cast aside in triumphant consciousness and jubilant acknowledgment of collective thought.

75 And these things will come to pass, I say through Allison, My daughter. And though they seem impossible, the miracle of a summer’s rainbow is no less plausible. For I have decided to challenge the
reasons for this human existence, this scourge. 

76 I say unto all people in every nation, of all stature: Challenge all reason, until you are convinced of its truth. Acceptance without question is like an eyeless painter with an empty brush stroking an easel made of air.

77 Every soul is a painter with a palette so brilliant the aura shines for a millennia. Yet the skill of the artist determines the grace upon which the canvas is changed. And the colors of life—vivid and stark bent hues of conflicting spectrum—are the telling strokes of moments lived.

78 Moments lost until the final hour. And the canvas is complete,  hanging suspended in the Great Gallery. And it is your self-portrait displayed there. Under what noble vision shall your life be viewed?

80 Did discipline instill its regimen in the weakest moments of strongest distractions?

81 Did understanding resolve to make things clear as conflict confused its passive twin?

82 Did patience guide you in angered heat and dispatch ego to silence? 

83 Did humility quietly tug your sleeve as arrogance stood to speak?

84 Did confidence rise in its place dispelling fear with calm assurance?

85 Did tolerance provide subtle reminders that difference is perspective turned round?

86 Did acceptance find you in unfamiliar straits and place comfort between you and prejudice?

87 Have your passive moments, strung together in random destiny, subscribed to the Premise of Contentment? Will the silhouette of your deeds be framed with friendship and love and compassion?

88 These things alone, lived true in simple daily tasks, shall be the master strokes on the grand canvas in the Great Gallery. Stand clear of the union of Commerce and Education for their purpose is to sell your art, thereby your soul, for monetary gain. Rise above the seductive callings of their glamorous message and seek the quiet serenity of the Master and His lover, the Earth.

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